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Electronic Access Control is in essence the replacement of a standard key with an electronic one. This could be in the form of a Proximity Card, Keyfob, Magnetic Swipe Card, Fingerprint or PIN code. Electronic Access Control can be installed for almost any door and can be used on elevators as well. This allows for a much higher level of security for a building owner or manager and it allows entry to doors based on an individual basis, as opposed to the common mentality of “I need a key to that room because I am ________.” Access to a room can also be added or removed on a temporary basis without having to issue, and get back, standard keys.


Controlled Security access by user

Ø One advantage of the electronic key, with the Access Control System, is that each individual electronic key is “tagged” for one person. If someone has a standard key, no matter how high security the key is, and they lend that key to someone else, that person can then open the door and no one knows who has been in that room. With an electronic key, each individual has a different key and it is possible to tell exactly whose key was used to enter the room.
Ø Access can be controlled by user level including time and specific doors, with easy software control.

Life Cycle costing is lower than traditional systems.

Ø Lost keys replacement costs in any system especially high security can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.
§ Replacement electronic card can be deactivated and replaced in minutes with minimal cost.
·         Imagine if a key is lost or stolen or not returned from a former employee, security is compromised, without rekeying all locks. Its Friday 4:30pm, someone just told you they lost their key to the building. You can’t get a locksmith out to change all 200 locks before the weekend.
¨       Result:
Ø Hire additional security to watch the building until a locksmith can rekey all cylinders
  Ø Cost to rekey could be thousands of dollars
  Ø More often than not nothing is done and the building is no longer secure because of the expense of hiring a locksmith.
¨       Access Control Solution:
Ø Disable the card and reissue a new one.
    § 10 minutes and problem is solved.
    § If an electronic key is lost it can be removed from the system if it is lost or stolen, or even if it is not returned, without having to change all the locks. All that needs to be done is to remove that electronic key from the system so that it can no longer access the door. Generally, this can be done in minutes at no cost for the company without any breach of security. 

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