About Us
Specification Writing, Design Consulting & Product Selection Services
Shanahan’s Building Products believes in Team Work.
That includes more that just providing our products on a timely and cost effective manner. It includes being part of the Construction Team. 
Services we provide include but are not limited to:
  • Product Selection
    • Join the design team and meet with the Prime Consultant or the owner to determine project requirements.
    • Provide benifets and limitations on products
    • Provide availablity and past performance on products
    • Provide options and solutions to unique and challenging applications
  • Specifications
    • Provide, develop and advise on specifications in electronic format, project specific or for incorporation into master specifications.
    • Review specification sections to ensure the correct product is being used for the appropriate application.
    • Ensure competitive, ethical bidding practices are following by providing similar quality products that are specified along side each other.
    • Review and comment on equal/substitution requests
    • Advise on code compliance
  • Design
    • Budget proposals and analysis
    • Review of related shop drawings.
  • On site inspection of installed products
We have a high degree of experience in a broad range of products.
We have specialists in multiple areas, ranging from Foot Grilles to Operable Walls to Hollow Metal Doors and Architectural Hardware.
Shanahan’s is the leader in Western Canada when it comes to door openings. Having an AHC in every centre provides the experience you can count on when in need.
We can write schedules for Hardware, Doors & Frames.

Let us be a resource for you!