About Us
Shanahan’s was originally founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, in December 1928 by Martin Shanahan from Penetanguishene, Ontario. He established the company at the foot of Campbell Street in Vancouver as a chemical and raw material importer and exporter.
With the 1960’s building boom, Shanahan’s saw the opportunity and need for a reliable supplier of construction materials, and began making significant moves to offer these products to the burgeoning construction market. In addition to carrying these building specialty products in stock, Shanahan’s also started an installation service, an innovation that secured Shanahan’s position in the market place as a market leader. As concerns over fire protection became paramount, and recognizing a need in the market place as well as an opportunity to expand the products and services of Shanahan’s, Gerry Mey added the emerging product line of metal doors and frames to the Shanahan’s offering.
In the mid 1960’s Gerrit Mey became a partner in the company, eventually taking over completely during the early 70’s.
In the 1970’s, Shanahan’s moved into expansion mode, opening offices in Calgary and Edmonton with the acquisition of Modernfold Alberta Limited.
In 1974, Shanahan’s Manufacturing Limited was established in Calgary to manufacture toilet stalls and lockers in response to significant demand and tight sources of supply. Not long after, Shanahan’s forayed into the commercial door hardware market due to the natural fit with commercial metal doors and frames.
During the 1980’s Shanahan’s embarked on further Eastern expansion, adding offices in Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, and Lethbridge. On the manufacturing front, Shanahan’s started manufacturing metal doors and frames in Calgary. Shanahan’s also acquired Monarch Steelcraft, a hollow metal manufacturer in Richmond, which was later amalgamated into the Calgary manufacturing facility. With the main focus of the business shifting to construction products, the company divested the chemicals business to the L.V. Lomas Company.
During the 1990’s the company added offices in Kelowna, Victoria and Red Deer. The company grew dramatically over the years that followed, establishing itself as one of the market leaders for building products in Western Canada.
In 2007, the company was acquired by Banyan Capital Partners and Yellow Point Equity Partners.  March of 2017 brought new ownership to Shanahan's in Speyside Equity -