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Team Board (Smart Board)

Education Solution

Simple Effective Education Begins With RM Easiteach® TeamBoard

RM Easiteach® is a software suite recognized globally as the most powerful lesson development tool available. Software components enable creation of exciting, dynamic lessons in Math, Literacy, Geography, and Science

RM Easiteach® includes a comprehensive resource library enabling teachers to easily incorporate graphics, video, flash files, animations and graphs.

Combined with the easiest-to-use, highest quality interactive whiteboard in the industry, RM Easiteach® TeamBoard offers simple, effective solutions for K–12 classrooms.
Business Solution
Interactive Mode
In ‘Interactive Mode’, TeamBoard Suite turns on the real power of computer-based presenting and training. Run Microsoft® Office, AutoCad, a web browser: Virtually any application—with a simple touch of your finger.

Dry-Erase Surface
TeamBoard is more than a powerful technology solution; it can also be used as an outstanding dry-erase whiteboard and an ideal projection surface. The secret is the EVS™ Presentation Surface.

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